How To Generate Leads  For Your Chiropractic Practice

Lead generation is important in your chiropractic practice. As a chiropractor, it is important to market your business especially if you are just starting out. The most important thing is time. With your hectic schedule, you should still be able to find time to market your practice to potential leads. This is a vicious cycle that requires consistency on your part. Here are some steps on how to generate leads for your practice.

  1. Practice Website

Having a website for your chiropractic business will lay the foundation for your lead generation strategy. Research reveals that patients consult the Internet before seeing a doctor. We should know, we’ve designed many websites for doctors. In addition, patients use the Internet after admission to corroborate what their doctor told them. However, you need to make sure that the agency or company you will hire has the experience with chiropractic websites. Having a website will help you generate new patients to your business.

  1. Local SEO/Google Adwords

Once your website has been set up, the agency you hired can optimize it so that it can attract people in your local community searching on the Internet for a chiropractor.  To maximize the potential results, you can implement a Google Adwords campaign targeting your location so that you will still appear on results when patients search for complaints like headaches, neckpain, scoliosis, and other complaints. You will only pay when someone clicks your advertisement. To learn more about SEO for chiropractors click here.

  1. Yellow Page Listing

In digital age, the Yellow Page is still a reliable way used by patients to search for businesses. Some people are not always online and still rely on the Yellow Pages listing. Most potential patients who search here can make decisions right away, so putting your chiropractor business on the Yellow Pages is a great way for new patients to find you. In addition, the Yellow Pages can help classify your potential patients. Instead of ads, you can go for smaller column listing with the URL of your website.

  1. Community Lectures

If you have no fear of speaking in public, this gives you an advantage over other chiropractors who tremble at the thought of speaking in front of a huge crowd. Using your communication skills, you can build a reputation as an expert in chiropractic medicine. You can speak in schools, civic groups, service clubs, and others. People will get to know and consider you as an authority and may even schedule a consultation with you.

5. Patient Newsletters

A patient newsletter is an effective lead generation strategy. You can choose to have a separate newsletter or have it incorporated into your practice website. It can be an effective tool for people to get to know your business as well as get some helpful information. If you choose to have a separate newsletter, make sure to distribute several copies around your community so that they will get to know you and your services. A newsletter can be time consuming on your part, so you can choose to outsource the job.

6. Progress Examinations

A progress examination is regarded as a “booster rocket” for patient retention and referrals. Helping patients track their progress will not only keep current patients happy but also builds a potential for future referrals.

7. New Year’s Resolution Mailing

The New Year is one of two times a year a patient will most likely think about his health. Health clubs and workout gyms get 80% of their annual business in January. This is the perfect time to remind your inactive patients of the importance of having a chiropractic checkup before they enter a slimming and toning program so they do not damage pre-symptomatic and malfunctioning spinal joints.

8. Birthday Greetings

After New Year, birthday is another time of the year when patients would most likely think about their health. While sending them birthday greetings, you can also take the opportunity to remind them of chiropractic care.

  1. Business Cards

Business cards are often overlooked not only by chiropractors but by other businesses as well. It may be a small thing but it sure is effective in generating leads. Your business card is a surrogate to the quality of work and care you deliver. It helps create the first and probably lasting impression of your service to prospective clients. The look, design, and feel of your card are a personal reflection of you. Never fall for the temptation of designing it yourself for the sake of savings. It is best done by a graphic artist who are professionals in this kind of stuff.

  1. Patient Brochures

Is your brochure just sitting around on your wall or reception area? Are you waiting for patients to take them? If yes, then it is time to rethink your brochure rack. If you are like the thousands of chiropractors who think that handing out brochures is self-serving, egotistical, unprofessional, or an act of desperation by someone who cannot deliver the goods, then think again.

Brochures may be a cheap form of promotional tool but they are nevertheless effective. They can best explain chiropractic better to your patient. So don’t let them sit on your display case. Find time to hand them out everyday.

Lead generation is an important activity that every chiropractor should indulge in. Amidst the tough competition, it is the only way you can attract new patients for your business.