Technology has affected the society in many ways. That being said, it has changed even the medical industry as well. For one, doctors and nurses and all medical experts are enjoying the good things that technology has brought. Moreover, even the way doctors connect with their patients has changed as well.

For the uninitiated, email marketing is indeed a crucial strategy that doctors like us could use to engage and inform our patients. Before choosing the best email marketing plan, there are some things that you need to consider.

Flexibility: If the platform is not flexible, it might affect the whole operation. Since doctors cater to different people, having the right platform is imperative. It is ideal to choose a platform that works well for you and able to address your need.

Price: The price is always a dominant factor when choosing an email marketing plan. If the price is too hefty and the performance is not that great, better select a platform that offers excellent performance at such a medium or attainable value.

Effectiveness: Its effectiveness always measures any platform regardless of its use. If the marketing tool is not useful when dealing with patients and clients, then it is best to choose a platform that can address what you need.


Email marketing platforms for doctors


If you are a doctor that is well versed with social media and that your practice is already being promoted through the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, then iContact is the best for you. The whole feature of this platform integrates with social media. It is even known as one of the most attractive email marketing platforms for doctors. You can use iContact alongside your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence and then grow your practice at a more faster and reliable pace. Just like any other platforms, the price is just right. One side note with this platform is that the amount of space in its image library is not high, but somewhat limited. However, for first-time users, this could be a real deal.



Benchmark is a simple online email creator, and it is reflected in its interface. Moreover, the platform produces professional results. The ease of use is also reliable for this product. It has a drag-and-drop, HTML or plain text editor that is flexible to adjust to your team’s skill level. It even has color palettes so that you can quickly design the platform with ease. It also has tracking for real-time updates.



As a doctor, some things don’t work well with us, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of effort on email marketing, there is a tool that you can fully utilize. Try using GetResponse. It is a wonderful low-budget option because the plans are priced based on the number of contacts that emails are being sent to. Moreover, it has no feature restrictions and no limit on the number of emails that you can send each month. In regards to using templates, this platform has hundreds of templates, as well as analytics dashboard, and an extensive image library.



Known as one of the most accessible user interfaces. The MailChimp is a platform that most doctors are using. Mainly because it is simple, friendly, and effortless to use. Its online help guide explains everything that you need to know. On top of that, it has auto-generating fields that you can use to integrate other software in just minutes. The dashboard is also easy to use and implement.


Constant Contact

While most email marketing platforms offer complicated commands, many consider Constant Contact as an email marketing tool that they can use anytime. The template is easy, and even the process of importing contacts is easy as well.  Constant Contact is a good fit for those that do not want to deal with particular things or wants their campaign to be effective. It even integrated Google Analytics so that you can check and track your campaigns as well as create signup forms. On top of that, Constant Contact offers a free trial wherein you can check the plan first before buying the whole product.

As doctors, connecting with our clients and maintaining rapport is important. However, it is also crucial to keep the communications line open, and with these platforms, we can maintain the momentum by utilizing the email marketing platform.

Regardless of how big the practice size is, the email marketing is truly significant for your success as a medical practitioner. Know your practice values, and you need to get a platform that allows you to connect with patients easily. Consider the flexibility, the price points, and the features as well before choosing the best email marketing platform.


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