Tips On How To Choose Web Design For Your Spa Business

A spa business will always be attractive because of the product it offers – wellness. After a hectic day in the office or dealing with an annoying customer, most people will opt to go to a spa to relax and unwind. With more than 20,000 spa facilities in the United States, you will be facing stiff competition should you decide to put up a spa business. In order to keep up with the competition, you need to have an attractive website for your spa business.

Importance of a Spa Website

Having a website will not just help you generate more sales for your spa business but will also provide customers with helpful information about your business. While you can promote your spa via the Yellow Pages, Yelp, or TripAdvisor, a website will help your business become discoverable. Nowadays, with more people glued to their smartphones and tablets, customers will be able to find your business through Google. Likewise, it will help customers know about your services, treatments, and rates.

What Should Your Spa Website Contain?

So what should be included in your spa website? As much as possible, you want the design of your website to be the best it can be.

  1. Showcase Services/Treatment

The main reason customers will visit your website is because they want to see the services or treatments you are offering. You should include a full list of your services and treatments on your website. Make sure to keep your services and treatments updated and ensure that it is easy to read. Each service should be described in details. You should also include length options and their respective prices.

By putting your services on the website, potential customers will be educated about the types of services and treatment your spa offers.


  1. Customer Reviews

Before going to your spa center, customers would want to see some online reviews before committing to your service or product. If they see that you have happy customers, potential clients will be encouraged to try out your spa. So as much as possible, have your customers review your business.


  1. Broadcast your Deals

Your spa website will be more enticing if you will add some deals or specials on it. If you currently have any promotions, your website is the perfect place for announcing it. You can either use a larger banner or a separate tab for all current discounts. You can include seasonal deals such as for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Alternatively, you can run permanent deals such as a student or military discount. The important thing is to make sure that your deals or specials are updated. Your customers will expect the discounted price if you forget to update it.


  1. Contact Info and Address

Alright, you have informed your customers about your products and services. Now, you need to show them where they can reach you. Your customers need to know how they can get in touch with you, so it is important to add your contact info and address. Make sure to place it where customers will easily see. Usually, it is at the bottom of the page. Also, include a map so customers will know where the location of your spa is. Most customers use Google Maps for locating something so do register your business on Google My Business and Google Maps.


  1. Booking system

Rather than making them call you to set up an appointment for a session, you can just integrate a booking system into your website. It will save you and your customers some time as you would not have to answer phone appointments or keep customers waiting in line. There are some platforms that comes with plug-ins for setting up a booking system or themes with built-in ones.


  1. Image Gallery

Your website will be your platform for showcasing the amazing experience that your customers will get from your business. Upload images and videos of customers and take your visitors behind-the-scenes of your spa. The good news is that there are platforms that come up with a theme for image gallery which allow you to display images and videos. A simple but attractive gallery page will suffice. What is important is that it will show customers what your business is all about.


  1. Sell Products Online

Maximize your website by turning it into an online store and sell your health and treatment products. When creating a spa website design, it should be mobile friendly. Nowadays, most of your customers will probably be searching for information about your spa from their smartphones or tablets. You therefore have to make sure that your website looks good and functional on any device. It will be best to start your design for a mobile platform first and then follow it up with a desktop version.

Nowadays, online presence is a must for business owners. Having one can make a huge difference in attracting potential customers to your spa.