Are you thinking about using some type of article submission software for your SEO?  You might just want to reconsider.  Well at least consider what you mean by ‘SEO software’, or ‘article submission’….this technique could actually get you blacklisted!

You could miss out on organic rankings in the search engines if you do something like article submissions.  Some article directories were punished in recent ‘updates’. What does this mean to you as a business owner? It means that you should be VERY weary of any SEO company in Florida or anywhere for that matter, that tries to post articles into an article directory and then link back to your website. This exact tactic used to be okay. I repeat, it used to be okay, but it was overused by search engine marketers.

Basically an article submission technique works as follows:

You write a piece of content, an ‘article’

An SEO consultant uploads this article onto a piece of SEO software, or it automatically happens

Then the article is posted on one, but often times MANY websites, which results in the exact same article on many websites. THIS IS BAD.

You don’t want copied material on multiple websites.  This will hurt your search engine rankings in the long-run.

If you want to learn more about article submission as an SEO tactic, and why it’s just so bad, contact us today.

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