SEO for chiropractors is a comprehensive marketing strategy that increases your visibility to customers searching for practices in their area, driving leads that are 8 times more effective than traditional ones (source). If you aren’t on the front page, then you’re missing out on new patients every day (and they’re going to a competitor’s practice).

In this article, you’ll find out how:

  • Front-page rankings drive patient leads (and how second-page rankings are worthless)
  • Chiropractic marketing specialists combine the latest marketing strategies to increase your search engine rankings
  • Chiropractor SEO helps local people find you
  • Experts can help bring more visitors to your site AND turn those visitors into new, life-long patients

If you’re struggling to find new patients for your practice, then chances are it’s because they’ve found a competitor via a search engine online and booked a consultation right from their laptop or mobile phone.

A search engine optimization specialist with experience in the chiropractic industry can rank your site toward the top of the results, ensuring that people who search for terms such as “lower back pain help” or “chiropractor in my city” see you before they see a competitor.

There’s a reason that SEO spending will reach $80 billion dollars by 2020: It works.

Here’s how:

SEO increases your visibility to targeted customers

Search engine optimization is a high-ROI investment because it targets customers who are already in “buy-now” mode. A magazine ad, for example, will be passed over by the thousands of readers who aren’t suffering back pain, wasting untold dollars of your marketing spend.

However, when a potential customer uses a search engine, they’ll use certain keywords or phrases that indicate they are looking for your solution to their problem. It could be:

  • Chiropractic doctor
  • Chiropractor in “city name”
  • Chiropractor near me
  • Back pain specialist
  • Do I need to see a chiropractor?

Leads generated by SEO are nearly 8 times more effective than those by traditional advertising because it makes you appeal only to people looking for your service. The only thing you have to do is be in front of their eyes when they search.

There are 3.5 billion Google searches per day but 91% of searchers don’t go past page 1.

A chiropractic search engine optimization expert, like Website Tigers, does just that: increases your rank on search engines so that customers can find you before they find a competitor.

How SEO Works for Your Practice

There was a time when ranking on the first page was as simple as filling your website with the right keywords and waiting for great results. That’s no longer the case. Modern SEO requires a robust marketing strategy reaching across multiple disciplines. It’s one-part science and two parts art. It includes:

  • Optimizing your website to bring in more leads – Great SEO starts on the pages of your website. Analysis of your target demographic determines the words they are using to find practices in their area. From there, the expert from Website Tigers optimizes your site to rank highly for these terms. By appealing to both your target customers and to Google’s search algorithm, you’ll rank highly for lead-driving search terms.
  • Establishing expertise through content marketing – Having an expert chiropractic blog on your site not only establishes trust and helps convert customers, it increases your Google rank. Business that blog receive 67% more leads than those that don’t, and half of customers read 3-5 pieces of content before wanting to proceed with you. Persuasive content built around the right keywords will attract more visitors and increase signups to your practice.
  • Using social media to solidify your brand – 31 million Americans are suffering back pain right now, and most are searching for a solution. With the vast majority of adults using social media these days, SEO helps you reach out on social platforms to increase your brand dominance and visibility in your area. An expert will target the right demographics and know which tactics to use to get more clicks and shares, and how to make the social conversation about you. It can also increase your search engine rankings.
  • Dominate the local area – When someone searches for a practice near them, you’ll be one of the top results, meaning they can see exactly where you are, your ratings, reviews, availability, and contact info. This increases conversions exponentially. 60% of adults are now using tablets and smartphones to search for local services, and 78% lead to offline purchases (source).

SEO for your Chiropractic office can help your practice bring in more new patients every month by increasing your visibility on search engines, bringing more visitors to your site, and convincing them to pay you a visit. It has been shown that 76% of local searches result in a phone call. Search engine optimization for you practice ensures they call you.

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