Installing a maintenance page for WordPress

WordPress gives you the opportunity to perform changes on your website quickly and easily. Sometimes you want to perform changes or upgrades to your website and you want to place a maintenance or coming soon page to your website. With the use of a WordPress maintenance page plugin, this can be done within a few minutes and the result looks great.

There are several different plugins that will allow you to install a coming soon page to your WordPress website. Most of them are reliable and they even offer you the chance to customize some parts of the maintenance mode pages plus they are free or at least they offer a free version. You can add text, a timer and they often follow the most popular website design trends.

The installation process for all plugins is the same and it follows the standard installation manner of a regular WordPress plugin. It can be done either straight through the WordPress admin panel or by going to each plugin’s download page and then manually uploading it through the admin panel.

Let’s explore some of the best plugins for enabling maintenance mode for your WordPress website. All plugins below work with any WordPress theme and you can easily switch them on and off by using the appropriate option on your plugins’ section, at your WordPress admin panel.

Note- installing and activating one of these plugins should NOT mess with your current sites design, however it is always important to have a backup just in case.
1) WP Maintenance Mode
A simple and minimal plugin that will allow you to install a responsive and fully customizable maintenance page. You have the opportunity to upload a logo and a background image of your choice. Social Icons can be placed, too. The plugin of course it comes with a form where you can capture the email of your visitors.

2) Easy Coming Soon

Another simple and nice-looking plugin that allows you to create a coming soon page within a few minutes. It will work smoothly in any device you are browsing your site to thanks to its responsive design. It provides most of the features WP Maintenance Mode plugin offers and again you have lots of customization options through your admin backend. For extended features, like MailChimp and Feedburner integration you can get the pro version.

3) Ultimate Coming Soon Page

The main difference of the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin in comparison to the other similar plugins available is that it automatically creates a screenshot of your website and it places it as a background image. This gives a professional-looking touch to your coming soon page. Of course, you can customize several different aspects of your maintenance mode page. This plugin also offers premium features although the free version is powerful as well.