Unless it is not urgent like remodels and upgrades, homeowners need plumbers to fix immediate problems, such as an overflowing toilet, a leaky pipe or a clogged drain. At times, we would want to do the fixing ourselves if we can. But in most cases and depending on the problem, we should quickly decide who to call.

Plumbing requires high skills and we want our plumbers to be trustworthy as they enter our private homes. It is critical to fix the problem immediately as consumers likely pay more than pay less if the fixing takes longer. How quickly a plumber gets to the homeowner is one of the factors in choosing a plumbing service provider. Other preferences of consumers include being the best and trustworthy plumber, one near them, or they want an emergency or 24-hour plumber.



Businesses in the construction industry advertise on radio, local newspapers, yellow pages, as well as distribute flyers or put signs in front of their shop. In this internet and mobile area, people just go online and type in the products and services they are looking for.

Business owners spend a lot of money for advertisements which generate good returns while others do not. They put up a website for their company, and make it search engine friendly with the use of targeted keywords. Having a website is good. Getting high ranks in search engine results page is better. However, plumbers should also try lead generation to earn more.


Lead generation

You may be a friendly plumber who does your job well, but you still consistently need qualified leads and regular workflow for your business to keep going. Aside from trying to generate traffic to your website and running online campaigns, you have to increase your lead flow and consistent inquiries every day.

Successful plumbing businesses have benefited from lead generation and I think others should also give it a try. Plumbing contractors indicate that some percentage of their business are from lead generation services. Lead generation services for plumbers, when correctly managed, can produce substantial sales and a solid Return of Investment.

You may already have the website for your plumbing services, wisely used keywords and with high ranking in search engine results but still not getting more clients. Lead generation can be effective since it can find people who are in need of your services. It can be your additional source of clients, sales and revenue.


Lead generation tools

Potential clients can come from lead generation tools, such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. When set up and managed for the “plumbing” niche, you can put your marketing skills to work in order to capture customers, get in their doors and deliver your service.

Another tool to grow your business is Google Adwords which leverages people searching in Google with quick decision-making process. When your website is ranked by Google and accepting call order from customers 24/7, your business will likely thrive.


Lead generation firms

In fact, there are existing lead generation companies for plumbers. What they basically do is connect the homeowners with the plumbers in order to grow their client’s plumbing business. They give quality and verified leads that you can close, create custom plans with and enhance your customer service.

Lead generation firms for plumbers are approached by homeowners who are looking for local plumbing services. What the former does is to qualify the homeowners first then ask them some questions what they exactly need to be done. The lead generation company then sends the information to the plumber contractor in real time through email or text message which will enable the plumber to connect with the homeowner immediately and get the job.

You may be a consumer who need some fixes from a plumber; or you are a plumber looking for leads to expand your client base. Lead generation firms serve as a link to connect both the consumer and the plumber, and create a win-win situation for all the parties involved.


How lead generation firms work

Lead generation firms for plumbers are not limited to lead generation. They do more for their partner plumbing providers, such as the following:

  • Website. First, lead generation firms build you a custom website that in itself, can convert visitors into leads. They take care of content, advertising, Search Engine Optimization as well as social media campaigns and engagement. The website can give qualified leads who would call you. 
  • Custom profile. When getting the help from the lead generation company, the plumbing contractor listed with them gets a custom profile. With images, videos, reviews and promotions, plumbers strengthen their business and showcase their brand to potential clients.
  • Filtered potential clients. With the intention to provide plumber contractors quality services, many of the lead generation firms only target homeowners who are ready. They likewise provide the plumbers the tools required to win the job.
  • Exclusive high quality leads. Not all leads are the same. Lead generation firms provide you with high quality and exclusive leads which they do not give to multiple plumbers. You do not want leads which contain consumers who are tired of receiving calls from many contractors. Low quality leads are the reasons why buying them can be a bad idea. Many plumbing providers are sick of spending for low quality leads that do not give them sales. Exclusive residential and commercial leads give plumbers the opportunity to even build better customer relations since the clients only receive calls from them.
  • Marketing strategy. Modern lead generation companies also develop a marketing strategy to bring the plumber’s business to the next level. Partnering with them can help build your plumbing business long term.


Choosing your lead generation firm

For plumbing service providers, leads can be a hit or a miss. Pick a company that provides quality leads to increase your revenue. If they offer more than just leads, the better. You can have them take care of other marketing stuff such as SEO, website design, testing, maintenance and optimization. With a bit of a capital, their services can leave you to focus only on delivering quality work.

Do not buy expensive leads as they still have to prove if they are of high quality and truly deliver. As a plumbing contractor, you do not need to run out of clients for your service is not seasonal. Whether homeowners are busy in summer, or occupied with back-to-school stuff or the holidays, there is likely some home repairs in the household that need to be done. Many need your plumbing services all seasons. Lead generation can be a very effective tool to get busier with client calls.

More marketing ideas for plumbers

With the expansion of the real estate industry, plumbers get more market. Millennials are building their homes. They purchase a condo or a house for their own families. They love to avail the trend of home improvement, such as home technology that has self-cleaning toilets and great theatre systems. Owning a home gives any homeowner a sense of freedom. They are free to express themselves through the smart home tech and trendy lightings, walls, tiles and fixtures.

Homes need to be secured and safe for families to live comfortably. They are everyone’s valued possession. Plumbing services can make a contribution to achieve those.