How does your business stack up online?

Negative Yelp, Google+, or reviews?

You need Online Reputation Management. We have a multi-step process on improving your reputation. No matter what your situation, we will sit down with you for 10-15 minutes and figure out if we can help you or not. After all, we can’t help everyone, and we don’t pretend that we can.

Online Reviews affecting your business?

Did you know that a 1 star difference in Yelp reviews can result in a 9% difference in revenue, holding everything else constant. This means that if two businesses are the same, but one has 3 stars and one has 5 stars, the business with 5 stars has 18% higher revenue!

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Top 3 tips for increasing your reputation in the search engines:

1. Find out what shows up! You can only improve your identity, if you know what exists!

Start with a search for your name, and then your business name on Google. Forget about the other search engines, because over 60% of searches are done on Google.

2. Claim and activate all personal and business profiles on websites like, Merchant Circle, Google Plus, Yahoo, CitySearch, Facebook, Angie’s list, and Foursquare.

Once you activate these profiles, fill them all out with your phone, address, and business details. Then, check to see what reviews you have on the pre-existing profiles. If there are bad reviews you have a few options, but you need to see if the review is even real. If not, you can request removal from the corresponding website. If the review is real, and was from an unhappy customer, then we suggest commenting with a response. Don’t leave it blank! And don’t be defensive. When potential customers see your response, they want to see that you care about what they have to say. Note: sometimes it helps to think about the customers side of things.

3. Once you do the above two steps, you need to start to boost your online identity. You can do this in a number of ways. First, we suggest gaining positive reviews on all of the aforementioned sites. We have many easy strategies to do this! Next, we recommend increasing your personal and or business websites ranking in the search engines. Learn more about search engine optimization here.

Struggling with the above steps? Our consultancy handles everything above for you and/or your business. But don’t forget the most important rule, we need to talk for 10-15 minutes before we can figure out whether or not we can help you! Contact us here to see for yourself.


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