HELP! I don’t know which hosting company to go with

If you’ve never heard of website hosting before, then you’re probably a little bit confused. You can think of web hosting as a service to store your website on. A website is comprised of website programming, files, images, and more. These files need to be stored somewhere.

In theory, you could store these files on your personal computer and then have them accessible to your website and to the public internet. However a few things make this difficult. For example, if your personal computer is disconnected from the internet, then your website files wouldn’t be accessible to anyone. This would make your website useless. All this means to you as a small business owner, is that you need to have website hosting for your business website.

When you buy hosting for your website, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

1) Is the company a reputable brand in the hosting industry? Unfortunately many web hosting companies are fly by the night companies, just looking to make a quick buck. Most of these are the ‘cheap’ providers offering hosting for less than $5/month.

2) Do they offer in-house security services? Many of the ‘cheap’ web hosting providers are not really that cheap. They appear to save you money up front, only until your website gets hacked because they don’t keep their websites secure.

3) What is their website uptime? The ‘cheap’ hosting companies are so cheap because they don’t care about your long term business success. This means that they will keep your website up or online most of the time, but not all of the time. Sometimes things do happen and websites go down every once in awhile, but I’ve heard of websites being down 1 entire day out of the week! Could you imagine having your business closed on Tuesdays, because your website is down? Obviously this only matters if your website is going to be making money. I mean if it’s just another brochure that you can afford to through out the window, then who cares if your website goes down?

If you’re looking for the best website hosting for your company, I recommend this company. They have some of the fastest services available. And they will keep your website as secure as possible. Not too mention, their customer service is great! Check them out now.

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