Forget about all the hassles with website designers, website programmers, domains, web hosting, hosting companies, and all of the other nonsense that you have had to deal with for your website. You don’t need any more stress. Would you agree?

As a business owner, you need to worry about your business, not technical details that your web design company should be handling!

If your business is in Las Vegas, then stop gambling with your marketing dollars and put your trust in an online marketing consultant- Website Tigers. We handle all of your website needs, demands, and concerns. This means that you don’t have to deal with multiple companies for every little thing. If you need something done to your website, we will take care of it and bill you for for the charge, simple as that.


What Exactly is a Web Designer?

If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson, I’m sure you aren’t one to gamble with your website design!  Well you might be gambling with the entire online side of your business.  With a website designer that is not well-versed in online marketing strategies, such as SEO, they could be costing you thousands of dollars a month.

Is a Web Designer: a Programmer? a Web Developer?

Maybe. It really depends, because the term is used in a very general sense. For example, one ‘web designer’ might know everything about building a website from scratch, but that doesn’t mean they are your best choice. You have to consider a few things before hiring a designer of any type:

1. Money- If you want to spend thousands of dollars to get a beautiful site designed from scratch, then by all means, hire a programmer and a user experience expert. They can get your website to look amazing, of course it will be for a hefty price!

Now on the other hand, if you still want a beautiful design, but don’t want to pay for a site built from the bottom up, then hire someone like Website Tigers. We don’t do websites from scratch, unless they absolutely need it. That means we use beautiful and custom designs built through things like WordPress (a popular website builder).

So if your business needs a great design, and layout, but you don’t want to pay insane amounts of money, then hire a Henderson web designer – Website Tigers. But make sure to read the next points so you don’t get screwed!

2. Hire a web designer (especially when you need a website redesign- this is the perfect time) that is well versed in online marketing strategies. Not only should they know how to get you a site up and running to your desired specifications, they should also be able to help you test out new marketing avenues. For example, something like SEO, Google Adwords, or selling products on Amazon. Ask your Henderson website design expert about some of these topics and then ask them for examples of their work.

PS. It’s not as simple as “oh yeah, I know what SEO is!” They should be able to show you keywords that they are ranking for on other sites!

Website Tigers is an online marketing agency based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We also work with companies throughout the rest of Nevada.

The Intricacies of Website Designing

Here’s everything that you wanted to know about web design in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada:

Website designing deals with various aspects like content production, graphic design, logo design, search engine optimization, webpage layout, conversion optimization, and many more skills.

Markup language

A computer language which uses tags i.e. basic formatting tool in HTML format, to define elements within a document. The most popular markup languages are HTML and XML. HTML is used to create a webpage. The contents of each webpage are described by HTML tags. Page sections are defined by tags like <table>, <form>, <image>, and <a>.


XML, also called ‘External Markup Language’ is used for storing structured data rather than formatting page information. XML elements are defined by using custom tags. The standard text format makes it easy for software programs to decipher the data. Hence, it is commonly used to export data and for data-sharing between multiple programs.
HTML and XML files are saved in plain text format.

Web Designing Process

Websites are developed using HTML language. HTML tags define the metadata of each webpage. The layout of the webpage is described by using cascading style sheets. A combination of HTML and CSS defines the appearance of a webpage in a browser. Hand-coded pages are preferred by some designers.

“WYSIWIG” i.e. “What You See Is What You Get” editor like Adobe Dreamweaver is the prominent choice of many web designers as this kind of editor caters to a visual interface for designing the webpage layout and the corresponding HTML and CSS code is generated automatically by the software.

Types of Web Design

1. Marketing & Communication design: This kind of website is suitable to understand the needs of the target market i.e. a particular age group, culture etc. A designer needs to understand the purpose of website designing e.g. a B2B website will be much different from a retail website.

2. User experience design: The interactive design will enable the user to perceive the content with ease and the site will be useful.

3. Page Layout: The quality of page layout is determined by the user interface design. Page pixel width is a vital tool for aligning objects in the layout design. Most pages are center-aligned so that they can be viewed properly even on larger screens. Fluid layouts are popular nowadays as the screen reading devices are of different sizes. Responsive Web Design is based on CSS3 and is a current trend in high end websites.

4. Typefaces: Web designers generally prefer to use only a few typefaces. To avoid complications, a specific series of fonts are used. Nowadays, the option of downloading fonts has been implemented in browsers like Opera 10, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3.1, so you can ‘import’ a font from somewhere like Google Fonts.

Designing your Website Home Page

A user-friendly Home Page, the most important part of a website, is an essential need for the success of a website. In 2013 carousels became a popular design element to highlight featured or recent content in a confined space. These carousels are still popular into 2015. One thing to consider is the optimization of website images, as large images can greatly decrease the speed of a website. But that’s for another post.

If you want to work with a ROI focused web design team in Henderson, then reach out to Website Tigers. BUT you shouldn’t email us unless- you understand that an amazing website design takes a fair amount of time and dedication to develop, and we are NOT the cheapest developers around. If you get this, then let’s get started.


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