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Historic and Picturesque West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach in Florida is a colorful and historic city just near the Atlantic Shore. The city saw a big expansion in 1960s covering a reclaimed swampland. Though it has beach in its name, it does not have any beach of its own. The breathtaking waterfront views however make up for the dearth of beaches. This is mainly due to the waterway that runs intra-coastally between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

The city

West Palm Beach is a very small and picturesque city with just about 100,000 residents. In spite of its miniscule stature the city boasts of quite a large number of high end eclectic shops, ultra-deluxe hotels, waterfront mansions and  exquisite restaurants. The city gives pure delight to travelers who are eager to explore the entire Gold Coast region.

City highlights

Clematic Street and CityPlace are two key spots in the city that offer a diversified treat to residents and visitors alike.

CityPlace, situated near Kravis Center – a performing arts place, has over 100 shops and several eateries. There are some popular brands including Williams-Sonoma, Gap and Anthropologie. The central part of the plazas has a wonderful ecofriendly fountain that runs on hourly basis and is a hot favorite with both the local residents and visitors. The shopping center offers one of the best and variety rich shopping experience in the city and also has entertainment in the form of free live musical performances and an Improv Comedy Club, which function all through the year mostly.

Clematic Street present right at the center of the historical downtown area is perfect for cool hangouts and shopping. Visitors can see historical landmarks blending with the entertainment spouting dance clubs and bars, and the trendy boutiques, and high end dining. Dueling Piano Bar and 10@2, a western themed saloon are very popular in the bustling street.

Antique Row and Northwood village are other two busy places that attract both visitors and locals with their retail stores and quaint little boutiques.

Historically rich city

West Palm Beach is one of the oldest cities in South Florida region to be incorporated. The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum is one of the highlights of the region. The 60,000 sq. ft. mansion was built in 1902 by Standard Oil founder Flagler. The mansion was reported to be more beautiful than any European palace by the New York Herald. Most of the original furnishings are still intact and attract tourists regularly. Apart from the mansion, the city has charming historic neighborhoods developed during the 1920 real estate boom. The city boasts of Northwood Hills’ homes of post WWII era, Mission, Flamingo Park and the Mediterranean revival El Cid style. The Craftsman bungalows serve as a distinguishing feature for the Northwest and Grandview Heights region.

Situated near the Atlantic Ocean coast of Florida, West Palm Beach has year round entertainment to offer for visitors with its waterways and smooth sand covered beaches. SunFest, a popular waterfront musical entertainment festival attracts visitors from all over the nation and abroad annually.

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